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Broccoli - 500g
Broccoli - 500g
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Product Description: Broccoli possesses abundant fleshy green flower heads arranged in a tree-like fashion on branches sprouting from a thick, edible stalk. The large mass of flower heads is surrounded by leaves. Broccoli most closely resembles its close relative cauliflower, but is green rather than white.

Nutrition- An excellent source of vitamn A an C. A very good source of folacin and vtamin E, and a useful source of riboflavin. 100kj per 100g

Broccoli was developed in Italy and is well established as one of the major anti-cancer foods. Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have concluded again and again that people who eat an abundance of broccoli have fewer cancers of the colon, breast, cervix, lungs, prostate, esophagus, larynx, and bladder. Broccoli contains indoles, which can help inactivate harmful estrogens that can promote the growth of tumors, sulforaphane , which stimulates cells to produce cancer-fighting enzymes, and beta-carotene , another cancer fighter.

Uses- To retain maximum flavour and nutrition, only lightly cook broccoli. Broccoli sprigs are lovely served with a dip, but the sprigs should be dipped into boiling water for approximtely thirty seconds to change the blue-green colour to a rich green colour and then cooled before serving. Broccoli can be steamed, boiled or stir-fried.

Whichever method of preparation you choose, be sure not to overcook, as broccoli is at its best when served tender and crisp. try using raw in salads. Add to your favourite soup, casserole or stir-fry.

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