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Organic Celery - Bunch
Organic Celery - Bunch
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Organic Celery 

  • Certified Organic

Product Description: Did you know?

  • Organic Celery seeds are smaller than these dots ..........
  • Organic Celery is related to carrots, parsnips and parsley. We’re also related to anise, which has a licorice-like flavour
  • Organic Celery was once considered a medicinal herb rather than a vegetable
  • Every part "Organic Celery Bunch" us can be used

Why Celery is Good To Eat

  • Organic Celery Bunch are great for helping to clean your mouth and teeth so munch us any time, but especially after meals
  • Organic Celery Bunch contribute small amount of many vitamins (C and folate for example) and minerals (mainly potassium), but we’re not rich in any one nutrient
  • In spite of our appearance we’re not the top source of dietary fibre. Peas beat us for fibre but we still have some fibre
  • 100g of celery has only 65kJ.
  • Celery is a great choice if you are watching your weight. One large stalk contains only 10 calories! So, add celery to your shopping list and enjoy it in your salads, soups and stir-fries.
  • Celery reduces inflammation. If you are suffering from joint pains, lung infections, asthma, or acne, eating more celery will bring much-needed relief.
  • It helps you calm down: Celery for stress-relief? Oh yes! The minerals in celery, especially magnesium, and the essential oil in it, soothe the nervous system. If you enjoy a celery-based snack in the evening, you will sleep better.
  • It regulates the body’s alkaline balance, thus protecting you from problems such as acidity.
  • Celery aids digestion: some say celery tastes like “crunchy water,” and that is the reason it is so good for your digestive system.  The high water content of celery, combined with the insoluble fiber in it, makes it a great tool for easy passage of stool. Note: because celery has diuretic and cleansing properties, those with diarrhea should avoid eating it.
  • It contains “good” salts. Yes, celery does contain sodium, but it is not the same thing as table salt. The salt in celery is organic, natural and essential for your health.
  • It cares for your eyes. One large stalk of celery can deliver up to 10 percent of your daily need for Vitamin A, a group of nutrients that protects the eyes and prevents age-related degeneration of vision.
  • Celery reduces “bad” cholesterol: There is a component in celery called butylphthalide. It gives the vegetable its flavor and scent. Guess what: this component also reduces bad cholesterol! A Chicago University research shows that just two stalks of celery a day can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by up to 7 points!
  • It lowers blood pressure: An active compound called phthalides in celery has been proven to boost circulatory health. Raw, whole celery reduces high blood pressure.
  • It can amp up your sex life: and this is not just hearsay. Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, Director of the Smeel and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, says two pheromones in celery–androstenone and androstenol–boost your arousal levels. They are released when you chew on a celery stalk.

Storage-To store celery, place it in a sealed container or wrap it in a plastic bag or damp cloth and store it in the refrigerator. If you are storing cut or peeled celery, ensure that it is dry and free from water residue, as this can drain some of its nutrients. Freezing will make celery wilt and should be avoided unless you will be using it in a future cooked recipe.

Nutrition- A souce of vitamin C and a good souce of vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and dietry fibre. 50kj per 100g

Ingredients: Celery

Nutrition Information: SERVING SIZE: 100g

  Per serving Per 100g
Calories 16kJ 16kJ
Fat, Total 0.2g 0.2g
- Saturated 0.0g 0.0g
Cholesterol 0.0mg 0.0mg
Sodium 80.0mg 80.0mg
Carbohydrate Total 3.0g 3.0g
- sugars 1.8g 1.8g
Gluten Nil Detected Nil Detected
Protein 0.7g 0.7g

*The nutritional value of "Organic Celery Bunch" will vary slightly depending on the variety and size

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