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About Deliveries

Details about deliveries
See below for all information regarding HomeFresh Organics deliveries. For all other questions please refer to our FAQ page or email the customer service team on
Every Custom Box is put on a delivery run. This means your delivery day will be the same every week. Doing this helps us deliver to all our customers in a single region on the same day. Check our Delivery Areas page to see what day your order will arrive.
Unfortunately, we cannot give our customers a time of delivery. Delivery times might vary as there are many things that can change on the day of delivery. We tend to start delivering from 10:00am and finish at around 5:00pm. Customers will be notified if there are major delays.
We can take back and reuse our boxes. If you have a HomeFresh Organics box that you want us to pick up, please fold it flat and put it out in the place our driver puts your delivery. Unfortunately, only our HomeFresh Organics drivers will pick up boxes, as courier drivers do not return to our warehouse. We also pick up our Styrofoam boxes. You can leave them with your folded HomeFresh boxes to be picked up.

Please note that if boxes are damaged or not in reusable condition, our drivers can refuse to pick them up.
All gel packs can be returned to us. HomeFresh Organics will offer you a 75% refund on the purchase price of our own branded gel packs. To be eligible for the rebate, gel packs must be returned in store at HomeFresh Organics, 19 Staple Street, Seventeen Mile Rocks. Read our policy for further details.

Our drivers can also pick up gel packs but doing so wavers the rebate.
We try and use our drivers as much as possible. This way we can ensure order will arrive on the day without delay. If you have placed an internet order (groceries without a Custom Box), we advise checking your delivery area and selecting that day for delivery. If you chose another day outside your delivery run, your order will be shipped using a local courier service.
The courier service we currently use is call Amarex (formally Fastway). They advise us that they can experience delays in delivery and will often hold your order in a local Amarex depot. This may result in deliveries arriving the next morning.
We can only deliver dry goods interstate. We do not send Custom Boxes interstate and exclude certain products such as fresh meats, produce, milk and other dairy items. One reason for this is that all deliveries will be in transit for several days which can compromise the quality of these kinds of products. All interstate deliveries travel with Amarex or Australia Post and can take between 2-5 days to arrive.
For those who live or work nearby, we do offer the option to pick-up your order from us. If you wish to pick up your order, please let us know when you might be arriving, and we’ll make sure your order is ready and waiting for you. All pick-ups are at HomeFresh Organics, 19 Staple Street, Seventeen Mile Rocks.
*Price displayed is exclusive of GST