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Why Choose Homefresh?

Shopping for groceries online and having them delivered direct to your kitchen saves you time and money. Many of our returning customers find that ordering online takes only a few minutes out of their day.

Think about it...a normal trip to your local shopping centre involves traipsing around the shopping centre looking for a car park, jostling with other shoppers to find the products you want, visiting several shops to get everything you need, negotiating a wayward shopping trolley across the car park, loading all the bags and perishables into the car and then carrying it all from the car into your home.  Whew!

Once you place your online order with HomeFresh we take care of the rest for you. If you're home when we deliver we'll even put it on your kitchen bench.  All you have to do is unpack!



HomeFresh Organics Delivers Stress-Free Shopping. You Save Time (and Money)!

Ordering online with HomeFresh saves you time but what about the cost?  Are you going to end up spending more?

The short answer is NO.  That's because HomeFresh buys, packs and distributes all produce and we buy in bulk so we are able to cut costs to save you approximately 15-30% on your regular grocery bill. 

Some of our customers comment that they also save because they only buy what they need.  There is no enticing display at the end of each food aisle to encourage you to buy things that aren't on your shopping list and that you don't really need.

And we guarantee our produce.  See our guarantee here.


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"Once you place your online order with HomeFresh we take care of the rest for you"

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