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Ancient Grains


Range of Organic Breads

HomeFresh Organics now supplies our customers with a wide variety of Ancient Grains Breads. If you have any requests for breads that you don’t see available on our ‘Ancient Grains Order Form’, please contact our office & we will arrange your order.

Please note that Ancient Grains orders are on going standing orders.

The mission of Ancient Grains Bakery is to prepare convenient, nutritious, interesting foods using the highest quality ingredients and to educate about the benefits of eating a variety of these whole grains. These grains do not simply provide a “replacement” for wheat products, but a more complex and interesting ingredient in their own right. 

Ancient Grains Bakehouse was created to fill a need for whole grain gluten free, dairy free, and egg free foods.  People who follow a gluten free diet should have easy access to the whole grain goodness of amaranth, teff, sorghum, buckwheat and millet.

Ancient Grains uses 7 different types of organic flours to make a wide range of products to suit all their customer’s needs. All Ancient Grains breads are made using 100% certified organic flours. Perfectly suited for those who are wheat intolerant or for those who just want to enjoy a fresh variety of organic breads. Ancient Grains Bakehouse specialises in yeast free, soy free & dairy free bread with no added sugar & no preservatives with a great traditional taste!

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