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How To Customise Your Box

One of the key features with our Custom Box service is the ability to personally select what you would like us to put in your box each week. You can select from a handpicked list of fresh fruit and vegetables so you get what suits you. Below is an easy to follow 3 part walk through on how you can find your list and add items to your box.

So let's learn how to customise your box online in 3 easy steps!



Step 1.

In the top right hand corner of our web page (circled in red), enter your email address and password, then click the "login" button.




Step 2.

A new button will appear just below called "Customise." Once you click it you will be taken to your dashboard where you can begin picking and selecting your preferred fruit and veggies.



Step 3.

Customise your box by clicking the + and - signs to add or removes quantities. On the left side are standard items and to the right side are your substitutions. Once done click "Save Products."


 For a more in depth walkthrough on how to customise you Custom Box, please click on the video below and let us take you through the customisation process.


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"Select from a handpicked list of fresh fruit and vegetables"

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