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What Is A Custom Box?

Custom Box Promo PicThe Custom Box service we offer is a box full of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. What makes it special is that you, the customer, can choose from a huge list of available options each week. This way nothing goes to waste and everything you get is fresh and full of nutrients and flavour.

You'll also find that you can save 15-30% off your normal supermarket prices because we buy in bulk direct from the markets and a number of selected suppliers every day to ensure it is fresh for you. more battling it out with the supermarket crowd to get your staples.  Your produce is delivered every week or fortnightly directly to your doorstep.

When you sign up for our service you choose:

 The size of box you want.
 Organic or conventional produce.
 How frequently you want a delivery.
 What's in your box.
 How you want to pay.
 Additional extras from our general store.

*Please be aware that the Custom Box delivery is an ongoing automatic delivery. Any cancellations must be submitted in writing at least 2 business days prior to your next delivery.


Why Should I Customise My Box?

We all have different tastes and dietary requirements. If you don’t choose what you and your family are getting in your box on a regular basis then you could find items in it that you might end up throwing away or can’t eat. There is a default list that we will use if you don’t customise but it runs the risk of you getting too much of one thing and not enough of the other.

Fruits and veggies don’t last forever, they are not supposed to. After one week you’ll discover some have started to decay and others (if not most) have lost some of their nutritional value and taste. So it’s best to pick all you need for a week and stock up again the following week.

It might be beneficial to mix it up each week too. For example, if you have enough potatoes in the cupboard then you probably can go without for another week, so why not try something else on the menu. Customising your box and planning your meals could mean you’ll get the best value out of the service and for your family.

What Are The Box Sizes?   Are Custom Boxes Delivered Free?   Is Customising My Box Difficult?
We have decided to put together a little information pertaining to the boxes themselves with a few interesting facts and details. For some of our customers it is important to know how big and heavy the boxes are.   One of the best perks of being a Custom Box customer is that you will get FREE delivery each week/fortnight with every box. We have put a little information about why this is and what this means for you.   Customising your box is a simple and easy process. Here you can see just how easy it is and follow some simple steps to assist you in customising your first Custom Box.

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