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Large Organic Veggie Only Custom Box

Large Organic Veggie Only Custom Box

$94.00 + $4.95 *delivery

Vegetables Only | Feeds x1 | 20 Selections | Certifed Organic Produce

*Delivery fee is $4.95 or FREE if you spend over $100.00!

What's In This Box?
Below is what is in the box this week. The Set List includes 20 standard selections, the Substitutions are what is also available. You can pick and choose what you want from both lists. Log into your account and save your customisations each week.

List updated: 17/05/2024

Set List (20 Selections)

• Avocado [2]

• Beetroot [2-3]

 Bok Choi [1]

 Broccoli [500g]

• Brown Onion [2-3]

• Butternut Pumpkin [500g]

• Cabbage Green [Half]

• Capsicum Green [1-2]

• Carrot [500g]

• Celery [Half]

• Corn [2]

• Cucumbers Lebanese [3]

• Eggplant [1-2]

• Ginger [150g]

• Jap Pumpkin [500g]

• Potato [800g]

• Salad Mix [Punnet]

• Silverbeet [Bunch]

• Sweet Potato (Gold) [500g]

• Garlic


• Cabbage Red [Half]

• Fennel [1]

• Leek [1]

• Zucchini [2-3]

3PM Cut Off
You have until 3PM two days prior to your delivery to customise. If you do not log in and customise, you will recieve a box consisting of the 10 items in the set list.

Cut off days for custom box orders are:
Tuesday Delivery = Sundays, 3PM.
Wednesday Delivery = Mondays, 3PM.
Thursday Delivery = Tuesdays, 3PM.
Friday Delivery = Wednesdays, 3PM.

Our delivery service is an ongoing weekly or fortnightly delivery. However you can pause your order or cancel without penelaties so long as it's before your 3PM cut off (see above). Orders can not be stopped once the cut off time has passed.

*Price displayed is exclusive of GST