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Refer A Friend

At the end of July it’s International Friendship day. So, we’re spreading the love. During the month of July, we’re giving any current custom box customer half price off their next box if they refer just 1 friend! Not only are you getting half price off your next box, but your friend will also get half price off their first box too!



As amazing as that sounds, we haven’t even got to the best part! This Refer A Friend promotion has no limit on how many friends you can sign up. This means you can keep signing up friends and get weeks, potentially months, of half price boxes!

The biggest discount you can receive in one delivery is half price. If you refer 2 friends, then we will ensure that your next box delivery is half price as well as your next week’s custom box.


So that we know who to gift the discount on to, you need ask your friend to use your name (the one the appears on the HomeFresh Organics account) as the coupon code. This way we can make sure we accurately apply all discounts to you.

Importantly, we will check to make sure the friend you have referred to us doesn’t already have an ongoing custom box order. Already existing customers can only receive the discount if they refer someone themselves.


The concept of Friendship Day has been around for over 60 years, however the United Nations proclaimed in 2011 that World Friendship Day would fall on the 30th of July. We’ve chosen to extend it for all of July and declare it Friendship Month! So in the spirit of friendship, we hope to help our wonderful HomeFresh community by slashing their grocery budget for the family and invite others over to do the same.  



This incredible offer is available to existing customers who wish to refer new customers to start an ongoing custom box delivery. Both get a big 50% off discount. This deal is for a limited time. New customers must sign up before 30/07/2022 to take advantage of the offer and can choose to receive their first delivery on any date. For assistance in picking delivery dates, or setting up a box with this offer, please contact our customer service team at or on 07-3715 5381 during office hours.


If you have any more questions about this offer or anything regarding our service, please feel free to contact us during office hours. We're here to help where we can. | 07-3715 5381 

*Price displayed is exclusive of GST