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Beauty Blend SuperFeast - 65g
Beauty Blend SuperFeast - 65g
$34.55* $30.45* $53.15/100g

Product Description: These herbs are vibrant, juicy, lush and vivacious, and their beauty shines true and through when we dance with them; when we consume with them and embody their beautiful nutrition. But where does beauty arise from? What is it at its essence? Can you feel the endless dance between your cells? Your hormones? Your skin, eyes, fluids, juices, organs and qi? Just like the Sun and the Earth, just like the Elements of our beautiful home planet, they are forever engaged in the dance of life that breathes beauty into the world and into our perception. With special support and nourishment given to the liver, these herbs help release energies that deplete physical vibrancy. The high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, minerals and polyphenols of the blend breathe life into the skin, cells, eyes and organs to unlock your inner glow and allow your organs and body to shine. 

Benefits may include:


  • Liver cleansing and toning
  • High antioxidant power
  • Lifting beauty-protecting immunity
  • Increase libido-lifting hormones 
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Nervous system support and stabilising 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Nourishing and firming of skin
  • Calms the spirit and releases mental tension


Ingredients: *Goji extract, *Schizandra extract, *Micro-ground pearl powder, *longan berry extract. This product has NOT been irradiated. Gluten free. *Wild-harvest, powder extract.


Product Of: Di Tao from traditional herb-producing regions of China.

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