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Fresh Mozzarella Fresco - 500g
Fresh Mozzarella Fresco - 500g
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Product Description: Fresco mozzarella is a fresh log, milky white, with a semi-soft, elastic and moist texture and mild flavour, stored in vacuum sealed bags. Mozzarella is a family of Italian cheeses that are made from stretched curd.This cheese is great on top of pizzas and lasagna, or sliced in salads like the Insalata Caprese. Similar to other fresh cheeses, mozzarella fresco is high in water content and therefore low on fat.

It has a slightly acidic or lactic taste. Compared to mass-processed mozzarellas, the freshly made variant is creamier and much softer.




Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, non-animal rennet, starter culture, salt. 




Product of: Australia



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