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Cultured Goat Milk Meredith Dairy - 1L
Cultured Goat Milk Meredith Dairy - 1L
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Product Description: With tens of billions of probiotics per serve, Meredith Dairy’s Cultured Goat Milk can be enjoyed by itself,
in a smoothie, as a marinade or as a delicate base for dips. At meredith dairy we're passionate about family owned, sustainable farming, our animals, and creating beautiful healthy products that taste great. 

  • Clean flavour with naural acidity
  • Always made with less than one-day-old milk.
  • Billions of beneficial bacteria.
  • No added sugar, no stabilisers, no thickeners, no emulsifiers.
  • Gluten free, yeast free.
  • Maintains gastrointestinal health and beneficial microflora.
  • Contributes to immune function.

Ingredients: Pasteurised goat milk, and cultures.


Product of: Australia.


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