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Alkaline Water Alka Power - 600ml
Alkaline Water Alka Power - 600ml
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Product Description: Alka Power is Australia's first ionic alkaline water. It's more than just that Alka Power removes fluoride and other flashes and infuses ionic calcium, magnesium, trace sodium and potassium giving Alka Power its unique fresh crisp taste for maximum hydration. In the past few years, the profitable bottled water industry has created an onslaught of beverages claiming to have AMAZING health benefits. However, most flavoured, spring and filtered bottled waters are essentially pH neutral or acidic. An initiative to conduct exhaustive research to develop the best Ionic mineral alkaline water on the market. From this research, Alka Power was developed. Alka Power has the proper pH to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH level. Further more, unlike other alkaline waters that lose their pH after bottling, our high pH of 9-10 is maintained from the time of bottling until the time you drink it!


Ingredients: 100% natural ionic calcium-infused water


Product of: Australia



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