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100% Pumpkin Seed Oil The Pumpkin House - 250ml
100% Pumpkin Seed Oil The Pumpkin House - 250ml
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Product Description: Made in Slovenia from a local variety of pumpkin called the Styrian pumpkin, this pumpkin seed oil has a characteristic dark green colour and an intense nutty and earthy flavour similar to roasted walnuts. It is made by pressing the roasted, hull-less pumpkin seeds and has been produced this way since the 18th century. Because it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids it has been ascribed a variety of positive health effects for many centuries and is known in Slovenia as the fountain of youth. Its rich taste and deep colour make it a perfect salad dressing but it can also be used in many other dishes.


Ingredients: Pumpkin oil


Product of: Slovenia


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