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Medi Dog Treats Pumpkin Passions I Love A Dog - 180g
Medi Dog Treats Pumpkin Passions I Love A Dog - 180g
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Product Description: Our Pumpkin Passions are delicious medible morsels of nutritious goodness designed to help alleviate inflammation of joints and skin.  Packed with nutrient dense ingredients these treats provide a daily dose of nature’s best medicine.

A powerhouse combination of the anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin’s beta-carotene, turmeric’s curcumin, the alpha-linoleic acid of flaxseed meal and the array of minerals in blackstrap molasses, with the antioxidant richness of Ceylon cinnamon, and the natural pain relief and muscle spasm relaxant properties of passionflower.

Great to soothe the bodies of older or active dogs, and the skin allergies of sensitive dogs, as well as an overall good health boost



Ingredients: Millet Flour*, Pumpkin*, Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses*, Flaxseed Meal*, Hemp Flour*, Coconut Oil*, Eggs*, Flaxseeds*, Passionflower*, Turmeric*, Hemp Seed Husks*, Baking Powder*, Citric Acid, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*.



Product of: Australia



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