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Chicken and Macadamia Sausages Free Range Lilydale - 2kg
Chicken and Macadamia Sausages Free Range Lilydale - 2kg
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Product Description: Macadamia free-range thin chicken sausages. Made from Lilydale chicken!

Perfect for the barbeque; don't pierce the skins during cooking, or they will dry out. When cooking the thin variety, turn often enough that one side doesn't burn.  When cooking the thick variety, split them in half long-ways when they're half cooked and spread upside-down on the grill for an amazingly tasty browned finish.

Serve hot with fresh white bread, sauce of your choice, onions and a cold beer.  

Why free-range chicken? Who is Lilydale?

Free range chickens are healthier, happier, and taste better, too. That's why we choose Lilydale for our chicken products.
We exclusively use Lilydale freerange chicken - free from antibiotics, free from growth promoters, and Lilydale chickens are free to roam on chemical-free pastures.

Are our sausages gluten-free?

We do not add any ingredients that contain gluten to our sausages - unlike so many of the sausages found in the big retail outlets.



rice flour / salt /macadamia nuts / honey powder /sugar  / soy protein  / mineral salt  /  450 . 452  citrus fibre / vegetable powder /preservative  223  /  spice  /  yeast extract 



Product of:  Australia


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