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Camel Milk Summer Land - 1L
Camel Milk Summer Land - 1L
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Product Description: Our Award Winning camel milk is a great dairy alternative, as it contains no beta-casein. It is rich in Vitamins, Minerals, healing Immune Proteins and its silky, smooth and clean texture makes it the best tasting milk for every occasion.


Australia’s largest camel dairy located within the beautiful scenic rim of south east Queensland, Summer Land Camel Farm is only a 45 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD. Summer Land Camel Dairy produces a range of premium camel milk products to enrich the everyday lifestyle of health-conscious individual and families. Their milk is produced using a gentle manufacturing process, exclusive to their farm, to deliver the purest whole camel milk.


+ Naturally homogenised and very gently pasturised at extremely low temperatures to retain the all the prized ingredients.

+ Rich in healthy Vitamins and Minerals, especially B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Iron

+ Contains disease-fighting Immune Proteins that boost the effectiveness of the immune system inside and out to provide potent healing benefits for the skin, hair and gut.

+ Handled with ultimate care to ensure that our products are effective and enhance our customers’ health.


Ingredients: Pasteurised camel milk.



Product of: Australia



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