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Organic Chicken Bone Broth Undivided Food Co - 250ml
Organic Chicken Bone Broth Undivided Food Co - 250ml
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Product Description: Simmered for over 12 hours, ready to heat and eat at a moments notice. This bone-a-fide, gelatin-rich bone broth does not require refrigeration. Made using the same GOOD BONES™ Chicken Bone Broth recipe you have come to know and love.



  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes a strong and healthy immune system
  • Supports strong and healthy bones
  • Reduces joint pain and faster recovery from sport and injuries
  • Aids digestion and heals the lining of the gut aka ‘leaky gut’
  • Decreases food allergies & intolerances such as gluten and lactose
  • Aids in the treatment of intestinal disorders
  • Promotes a healthy balance of good/bad bacteria in the gut
  • Increases collagen for healthy tight skin, hair shiny and nails strong



  • Certified Organic Chicken Bones and frames from Inglewood Farms, free from hormones and antibiotics
  • Filtered water, free from added chemicals like fluoride and chlorine
  • Certified Organic, Australian-grown vegetables and herbs including carrot, onion, garlic and seasonal herbs.
  • Bio-dynamic apple cider vinegar
  • Olsson’s 100% sea salt, free from bleach or other additives

Product Of: Australia

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