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Cow Milk Kefir Blue Bay - 1L
Cow Milk Kefir Blue Bay - 1L
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Product Description: The powerful probiotic boost of our cow kefir will help to restore intestinal balance. Enjoy kefir in a smoothie or on your cereal or muesli and remember to shake well before use.


Kefir is a traditional fermented dairy drink with a mild ‘tang’. Consumed for centuries for its health benefits, Kefir is similar in texture and flavour to yoghurt – but with many more benefits.


Probiotic levels are 10 times more effective than most yoghurts

The probiotic level or effectiveness of yoghurt is measured by CFUs (colonising forming units). For yoghurt or kefir to have a positive effect on a person’s digestive system it must contain at least 1 billion CFUs per serve, which many yoghurts on the market today do not. Blue Bay Kefir contains over 12 billion CFUs per serve AND this number will continue to grow during its shelf life.


Kefir contains 3 times more probiotic strains than most yoghurts


Most commercial yoghurts have 3-4 strains of probiotic bacteria. Blue Bay Kefir contains 10 strains. The probiotics in yoghurt and fermented milk brands are only beneficial while it is passing through the intestinal system, meaning they must be consumed every day.


Kefir can help sufferers of allergies, diabetes, autoimmune and intestinal disorders and help with day to day intestinal health. Kefir is often recommended by doctors for patients taking antibiotics or having chemotherapy.


How much kefir should I have? We recommend minimum 200ml of kefir daily or more if preferred.


How should I drink it? Shake the bottle well before opening. Drink it straight or have it with muesli or in a smoothie.


Long Shelf Life: When the kefir is bottled the unhomogenised butterfat rises to the top and solidifies, forming an airtight plug that stops the kefir from oxidising. It also protects flavour, nutritional value and extends shelf life. Blue Bay Kefir – with no added thickeners or preservatives – can last a good six weeks on the fridge shelf.


Product Of: Australia

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