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Beef Smoked Sliced Gamze Smokehouse - 150g
Beef Smoked Sliced Gamze Smokehouse - 150g
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Product Description: Free Range, Grass Fed, 21 Day Dry Aged, cured and Smoked Beef.


Family owned and operated, Gamze’s Smokehouse follow eastern European traditions. All Gamze’s products are made in small batches and are free range, gluten free, hand crafted, chemical preservative free, naturally wood smoked (no sodium nitrite or E numbers).


Natural Curing Process: Our products are all-natural and free from unnecessary food additives because we do not use a chemical nitrite (250) in the curing process. Only a natural nitrite extracted from celery, where it occurs naturally, is used. Our curing process is very simple as we only use Water, Salt, High Country Honey, and Natural Nitrite. All our products are therefore chemical free, so NO “E” numbers, where most others use chemicals to preserve and add weight to their products.


Hand Crafted: We make our products by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Everything is made using traditional methods and unique recipes refined over time with our many years of experience. We locally source all our ingredients to ensure low food miles and maintain a relationship with our regional suppliers, knowing where all ingredients come from is important to us.

Smokehouse: All products are smoked on premises using Australian hardwoods to give the product a unique aromatic flavour. The smoking process incorporates our unique steam cooking method to ensure a naturally moist and flavoursome product. You will be able to taste the naturally smoked flavour and smell the aroma that a traditional smokehouse gives.

Free Range: Knowing that farmed pigs are treated well is very important to us and our customers therefore we only use Free Range Pigs in the making of all our products. Our free range pigs are a Berkshire and Duroc cross. These breeds are selected for their superior taste and quality by our trusted farmers that consistently produce exceptional animals. Gamze Smokehouse products are made using only the best quality animals from local farmers, we value the relationship with our farmers and make a point of supporting local industry.
The demand for ethically farmed, hand crafted and chemical free smallgoods is growing rapidly. Gamze’s retail ready & deli slicing products have been excelling to the retailer, as our products are very much on trend to the modern consumer.


 Ingredients: Free range beef (97%, water, salt, celery extract, rosemary extract, citrus fibre, honey. 


Product Of: Australia

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