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Activated Walnuts Kombucha Soaked Mindful Foods - 200g
Activated Walnuts Kombucha Soaked Mindful Foods - 200g
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Product Description: you know how walnuts can have that bitter taste…? Well, these walnuts are finally freeee of that bitter tannin taste! HOW? The old school technique of activating! Activating these walnuts have given them new life, and finally, a place our kitchen cupboard.


We like to add to them to salads, pestos, or just munch on ’em.


We’ve soaked them in our home-made Kombucha with Australian Rock Salt, then slowly dried them below 70 degrees Celcius in our solar powered dehydrators, so as to bring you the most delicious, nutritious, clean food possible!


We, like you, love the earth, so have offered you these wallys in reusable glass jars, that so also lock in the nuts crunchy freshness.


Ingredients: Walnuts* (activated in kombucha*, filtered water & Asutralian rock salt*).
*Organic ingredients. May contain traces of other nuts, seeds or shell




Product Of: Australia






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