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Bamboo Straw Tall Love Thy Earth - 2 Pack
Bamboo Straw Tall Love Thy Earth - 2 Pack
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Product Description: It is time to say goodbye to one-time use straws and to those nasty nylon bristle found on straw cleaning brushes. Each straw kit from Love Thy Earth comes equip with a Two Bamboo Straws and a Straw Cleaning Brush made with natural fibre bristles (coconut Husks), woven into a stainless steel rod. Each straw kit comes housed in their very own unbleached calico carry pouch, with a neat little a tie-top, making them perfect for travel. Having your own reusable straw kit will have you refusing single straws like a pro.



Our Bamboo Straws and Straw Cleaning Brushes are made for 100% sustainably sourced natural fibres, handmade by locals that the we know and love in Bali, Indonesia. We work along side a beautiful local balinese women who has created a workspace where she pays her employees above minimum wage (better than fair trade). They are given performance-based benefits, with room to grow. Each day they are provided with meals and offered flexible work hours so that they can put their communities and their families first, an integral part of the Balinese culture. Many members of her staff have disabilities, as she believes that anybody who is willing, is therefore able. Each member of the team is treated like family and they are taught a valuable trade, one that they can all take with them wherever they go, giving these women and their families a real chance at a better life. We share a vision, ‘wanting to make a difference in the world through our ethical and sustainably made creations, ones that support locals, are plastic free and will break down naturally when discarded’. Because we aim to help both people and planet in the making of ur products.


Conatins: 2 x Tall Bamboo Straws and 1 x Straw Cleaning Brush Made From Coconut Husks.



Product Of: Bali & Australia

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