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Antibacterial Cleaning Pods Ecyo - 3 Pack
Antibacterial Cleaning Pods Ecyo - 3 Pack
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Product Description: Use this antibacterial spray to leave your home germ free while helping to save the planet.

This small pack of Ecyo cleaning pods will make 3 antibacterial cleaning sprays up to 750ml in size.

The pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. When added to water these concentrated refills naturally eliminate household germs.

Using the antibacterial spray pods is simple. Just add some warm water to your spray bottle, dissolve the pod with a few swirls, then top up with cool water, and clean to your heart’s content!

Each pack contains a label which can be added to your bottle at home. Once diluted we recommend you discard contents after six months.

Ingredients: Non-ionic plant-based surfactants (cleaning agent), 2% Benzalkonium Chloride (kills zee germs), Perfume (90% naturally dervied), <1% Phenoxyethanol (perservative)



Product Of: Australia

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