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Organic Natural Yoghurt Barambah Organics - 500g
Organic Natural Yoghurt Barambah Organics - 500g
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Product Description: A wonderfully creamy yoghurt, with layer of cream on top due to the yoghurt being unhomogenised. This multi-award winning yoghurt is perfect to cook with or great to have on its own.

Recent awards include Silver at both the 2011 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Awards and the Queensland Royal Food & Wine Show (EKKA) and a finalist at the 2009 Vogue Produce Awards.

This yoghurt has 1% fat yet still has taste! We are told that our yoghurt is widely discussed within weight watching circles because it is so good. Barambah Natural Yoghurt are set in their tubs. The range of delicious and unique organic yoghurts Barambah offers are all certified organic. Barambah Natural Yoghurt has five live cultures added namely acidophilus, bifidus, casei, thermophilus and bulgaricus. There are no gelatines, no artificial colouring, no preservatives nor artificial flavours added. Barambah are dedicated to keeping the yoghurt as pure and good for you as possible. Research has long linked yoghurt with longevity. Yoghurt is full of protein, osteoporosis-fighting calcium, mood regulating amino acids and gut-friendly bacteria that promote internal balance and which may boost immunity.


Ingredients: Certified Organic Unhomogenised Milk, Certified Organic Non-Fat Milk Solids, Live Cultures


Product of: Australia


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