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Organic Garlic - 150g
Organic Garlic - 150g
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Product Description: Organic Garlic is related to the onion, shallots and chives and is the bulb at the base of a plant. The mature Organic garlic bulb is a group of a small bulbs known as cloves and are held together by 2-3 layers of papery skin

Uses- Remove clove from bulb and peel. Use whole,sliced, crushed of finely chopped.

Nutrition- A good source of dietary fibre. Garlic is valued for its medical qualities,, particularly as a cold and flu deterrent.

Organic Garlic health benefits and medicinal properties have long been known, Organic Garlic has long been considered a herbal "wonder drug", with a reputation in folklore for preventing everything from the common cold and flu to the Plague! It has been used extensively in herbal medicine (phytotherapy, sometimes spelt phitotherapy). Raw garlic is used by some to treat the symptoms of acne and there is some evidence that it can assist in managing high cholesterol levels. It can even be effective as a natural mosquito repellent. In general, a stronger tasting clove of garlic has more sulphur content and hence more medicinal value. Some people have suggested that organically grown garlic tends towards a higher sulphur level and hence greater benefit to health.

Ingredients: Garlic

Nutrition Information: SERVING SIZE: 100g

  Per serving Per 100g
Calories 149kJ 149kJ
Fat, Total 0.5g 0.5g
- Saturated 0.1g 0.1g
Cholesterol 0.0mg 0.0mg
Sodium 17.0mg 17.0mg
Carbohydrate Total 33.0g 33.0g
- sugars 1.0g 1.0g
Gluten Nil Detected Nil Detected
Protein 6g 6g

*The nutritional value of "Organic Garlic" will vary slightly depending on the variety and size


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