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Organic Zucchini - 500g
Organic Zucchini - 500g
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Product Description: The zucchini is related to squash, pumpkin and the cucumber. It is elongated cylindrical squash 20-40cm long and 3-5cm in diameter. They have a white, crisp flesh and a core of soft edible seeds.  The Zucchini is the favored jewel of the summer squashes. Its flavor is light and sweet with flesh as delicate as a flower and texture that makes it almost melt in the mouth.

Nutrition- Zucchinis are rich in valuable antioxidants. Plus contain beta-carotene, vitamin C, folic acid and calcium. 60 kj per 100g

Zucchini squash is also a good source of fiber (4 grams per cup). An adult should get about 30 grams of fiber per day in their diet. One cup of zucchini has nearly as much potassium as a banana. Plus it contains the valuable mineral nutrient phosphorus.

Uses- Zucchini can be boiled or baked. Use raw in salads grated and baked in cakes. Zucchini is extremely versatile, cut into sticks, ribbons or circles and added to stir-fry. Use as a side vegetable, or raw as a crudite with dip


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