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Pork Thin Sausages The Meat-ting Place - 1kg
Pork Thin Sausages The Meat-ting Place - 1kg
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Product Description: The Meat-Ting Place Organics is a fully Certified Organic Company and we strive to make sure our products are of the highest quality and are brought straight from the farm to you.

Organics to us means much more than great tasting meat. It provides the opportunity to deliver people a healthier product that is free of hormones, additives and chemicals. Allowing those with food intolerances and allergies to feel good about what they eat. In choosing Organics there’s the peace of mind that we are all contributing to reducing our impact on global warming, through making the decision to support Traditional farming methods for the benefit of this and future generations of Australians. By raising the awareness of organics we can increase the demand of produce, fair pricing and encourage more farmers to adopt organic farming methods.
We are proud to be working with and supporting a network of like minded Certified Organic farmers who have been with us since our humble beginnings.


Ingredients: Pork Mince, Sausage meal (rice flour, Salt, natural flavours, mixed herbs), Nutmeg




Product of: Australia


**If there are any issues with the meat and you are wanting a refund - meat must be frozen and returned, any questions or queries please contact the office on 3715 5381.


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