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Cape Grim Yearling Strip-Loin - Free Range - 1kg
Cape Grim Yearling Strip-Loin - Free Range - 1kg
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Product Description: Our Premium grass-fed Yearling strip-loin is a very tender cut of meat, full of flavour and juices. Treat it gently when cooking - feel free to sear each side on high before lowering the heat; turn the meat when the juices begin to show, until cooked to your liking.  Rare to medium is what we recommend for this cut.

Remember - if you're BBQing meat, let it 'rest' on a plate for five minutes before serving (you may have to soak up some excess juices with a paper towel).


Ingredients: Beef


Product of: Australia


Refund Policy for Meat: **If there are any issues with the meat and you are wanting a refund - meat must be frozen and returned, any questions or queries please contact us.**


Disclaimer: Image is for display purposes and actual product may look different. Product is subject to availability.

*The nutritional value of Cape Grim Yearling Strip-Loin will vary slightly depending on the variety and size*


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