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Organic ABC Spread Ceres Organis - 300g
Organic ABC Spread Ceres Organis - 300g
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Product Description: Ceres Organics ABC Spread is a special blend of organically grown almonds, brazil nuts and cashews – lightly roasted and then ground with just a “wee bit” of sea salt. It has a distinctive, rich flavour that’s delicious as a spread or used as an ingredient in baking or added to sauces. 

NO additives, artificial preservatives, colours or emulsifiers.

Ingredients: Almond (33.2%), Brazil Nut (33.2%), Cashew (33.2%), Sea Salt

Storage: Oil separation will occur naturally – simply stir with a fork or knife to blend. Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Serve Size: 15g

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