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Organic Bulk Lettuce Salad Mix - 1.5Kg
Organic Bulk Lettuce Salad Mix - 1.5Kg
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Product Description: Organic Lettuce Salad mix, also called Field Greens or Spring Mix, is a classic green salad mix originating in the South of France. It consists of a mixture of very young leaves and shoots of wild and cultivated plants, including endive, dandelion, arugula, lamb's lettuce, oak leaf, mache, radicchio, chervil, sorrel, frissee, purslane, etc.

Nutrition- Excellent source of vitamin A ( the darker the leaves, the more vitamin A and iron it contains). It is also a good source of potassium, thiamine, fair source of calcium, phosphorous and contains some vitamin C. Lettuce is low in kilojoules, yet high in fibre.

Uses- Lettuce has an affinity with all vegetables, fruits and seasonings. The word "lettuce" is virtually synonymous with "salad". These salads may include other vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats, plus dressings. The use of lettuce in sandwiches is universal, but this champion o greens. The Organic lettuce mesclun is becoming the most popular of the lettuces.

Ingredients: Organic Lettuce Mesclun


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