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Almond & Chia Spread Mayvers - 250g
Almond & Chia Spread Mayvers - 250g
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Product information: Blending the superstar almond with ancient Mayan wonder Chia, Mayver’s Almond & Chia spread is a nutritional legend! Full of antioxidants, long-lasting energy and gut-loving fibre, Almond & Chia spread will light up your world with pure-state love. Like all our almond spreads, no added salt, sugar or hardened fats guaranteed!



Health benefits: Almonds are super high in vitamin E, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and are rich mono-unsaturated fats. Additionally, almonds are a low GI food, which provides sustained energy levels and are essential for optimum health and wellness.



Ingredients: Made from just chia seeds and almonds that have been carefully selected, lightly toasted and stone ground for better nutritional absorption



Product of: Australia

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