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Choc Fudge Mug Brownie Mix Melindas Gluten-Free Goodies - 200g
Choc Fudge Mug Brownie Mix Melindas Gluten-Free Goodies - 200g
$6.50 $5.20 $3.25/100g

Product Description: Melinda’s delicious Choc Fudge Mug Brownies is quick and easy to prepare and ready to eat in just ONE MINUTE!! A saviour for those wanting a quick dessert for the whole family or a snack for one. Each little pack contains four desserts and only need two add-ins (butter & milk, or your chosen alternatives) and takes just one minute to bake in your microwave.
Don’t be alarmed! Your brownie will rise and fall back into your mug during cooking to create a fudgy texture and allow room to add your ice cream or cream on top. Try different mug compositions as they can produce varying results.



Ingredients: Sugar, Gluten Free Self Raising Flour (maize starch, tapioca starch, soy flour, rice flour, raising agents (575, 501, 500)), Cocoa Powder (6%)
Allergen Warning: Contains Soy @ less than 1% of the finished product. This product is blended and packed in a nut free facility however each batch is not laboratory tested so we cannot guarantee.


Product of: Australia

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