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At HomeFresh Organics you'll find a wide range of organic and conventional grocery and deli items as well as the freshest fruit and vegetables.

We have a great selection of organic produce - you'll find organic dairy, dips, juice and meat products. We also stock quality conventional produce - our suppliers have to meet our high standards or we won't stock them.

Some of our suppliers are featured below:


Jack n' Jill


Jack and Jill toothpaste has been formulated to be 100% safe for young children. All Jack and Jill packaging is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won't mind them sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste they have designed and manufactured the first children’s toothbrushes that are made of cornstarch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable.

Jack and Jill believe that businesses have an obligation to the environment, which is why they  have formulated an all natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients, and designed our packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free.




Brumbys is a well known Australian company that first began in 1975 from modest beginnings in Victoria and has now grown to over 300 stores nationwide. They offer a wide range of goods that are freshly baked daily from "scratch" at each store and include traditional loaves, rolls, cakes, slices, as well as meal solutions like their tear 'n' share range and seasonal treats.

One of the reasons that we choose to include Brumbys breads in our range apart from their yummy taste and large product range is that Brumby's believes that the use of artificial preservatives should be minimised, so unlike some other bread manufacturers, they don't use any preservatives in their bread dough. Essentially preservatives 282 and 223 (which have been linked to behaviourial problems in children and adverse reactions in asthmatics respectively) are not found in their breads.

Check out their range here: Brumbys

For more information about Brumbys go to their website:



Sol Breads

Sol Breads began in a small bakery in West End with a commitment to producing certified organic bread from wholefood ingredients without the use of chemical additives. The popularity of Sol Breads and an expanded product range meant a move to a production facility in Newstead in 2002.

Sol Breads has two bakery cafes in Brisbane (West End and Paddington) where you can see the bakers at work. You won't find any added sugar, dairy products, preservatives, additives or baker's yeast in Sol Breads. Their breads are created using natural fermentation methods only.

Check out their range of organic breads here: Sol Bread

For their gluten free bread click here: Sol Bread - Gluten Free

For more information about Sol Breads go to their website: Sol Breads



Eco Store



Ecostore is a leading provider of natural skincare and green cleaning products. The business was started 18 years ago by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in a permaculture eco-village in New Zealand. They got expert help to create a range of plant-based skincare products and cleaning supplies without all the nasty chemicals.

Ecostore products have a wealth of scientific research and innovation behind them. Each product is months in the development and making, ensuring the safest health, environmental and efficacy standards are achieved.



Baramba Organics




Ian and Jane Campbell are the driving force behind Barambah Organics. They produce their organic award winning milk from their own farms in south east Queensland as well as several other A grade certified farms in Queensland and NSW.

Barambah's superior taste comes from the way they look after their cows and because the milk isn't homogenized, which means that the milk is in as natural form as possible. Homogenisation is where the cream is blasted into fine particles to give the milk a more uniform texture. So you'll find with Barambah Milk the cream collects at the top.

Check out their range here: Barambah Organics

For more information about Barambah Organics go to their website:




Planet Organic

Planet Organic work to support your health and happiness by producing high quality certified organic products that respect you, your well-being and the future of our planet.

From the wide range of their famous organic teas and selected organic foods to their dynamic new organic herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, the starting point for all Planet Organic products is their dedication to organic integrity.









brookfarm mueili

Brookfarm is Australia’s most awarded producer of fine gourmet macadamia products such as our macadamia muesli and oils and mixes. At Brookfarm they are great believers in the traditional ways of producing food. Caring and nurturing our environment, including our farm, is the cornerstone of our business.

In Brookfarm's kitchens they introduce macadamias into great tasting healthy foods that become part of your everyday diet – from delicious Brookfarm macadamia muesli to fine first cold pressed macadamia oils & addictive Walkabout fruit & nut blends.











Hi Value Fruit and Berry Gardens

Located 10 minutes drive north of Stanhope, Hi Value Fruit & Berry Gardens has recently celebrated 10 years in operation. Originally an apple and stonefruit orchard, the owners David & Roslyn Sutton have expanded into growing berries and producing gourmet apple juice, real fruit liqueurs and quality apple cider.

Hi Value produces some of Queensland's most delicious apple juices available on the market. Their juices boast no sugar or preservatives. They also do not contain any water or reconstituted juice, meaning when opened, the juice will last up to a week refrigerated and 12 months unopened in the pantry.

Check out their range of juices here: Hi Value Apple Juice




D'lish Food2Go

D'lish Food2Go has created a delicious and unique range of gourmet dips, pestos, tapenade, and dippers that look and taste great. As well as offering a certified organic range of dips, all dips, pestos, and tapenade are gluten free. They also have dairy-free pestos. All ingredients are fresh not frozen and are sourced from the Brisbane Markets daily. All dips, pestos and tapenade are gluten free with no added preservatives.

D'lish Food2Go is owned and operated by Shane and Leisa Edl. They are both fully qualified chefs who have worked in award winning restaurants and five star hotels.

You can check out their range of dips here: D'List Food2Go

For more information about D'Lish Food2Go visit their website:


Pura Veda

 Packed with wholesome unprocessed uncut seeds and ancient grains, Pura Veda is a tasty nutritious natural alternative to the commercial cereals found on the supermarket shelves. Sweetened with the natural goodness of sun dried raisins, Pura Veda contains no added sugars, salts or fats. It is free from preservatives, additives, flavourings and genetic modifications.

Pura Veda not only provides a great source of protein and fibre, it also helps to cleanse and revitalize our bodies. With the goodness of seeds nuts grains and fruit in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced diet Pura Veda will help optimize our life style.

For more information about Pura Veda visit their website:




Oriel Bluegum Meats (non-organic)

bluegum beef

Bluegum Beef is a flavoursome pasture-fed product, derived from twenty to thirty month old cross bred cattle, raised on some of the finest natural pastures from central-western Queensland to Northern New South Wales. Bluegum beef is are highly regarded product and is used in some of Queensland's finest hotels, resorts and resturants.

For more information about Oriel Bluegum Meats visit their website:




The Meat-ting Place


The Meat-ting Place is Queensland's largest retailer of certified organic meats, and is a certified organic business with the Australian Certified Organic Retailers.  Their meats are now sourced from various Certified Organic Farms, Australia wide.

Because The Meat-ting Place buys direct from farmers, they are able to offer a large range of Organic meats at prices that are affordable to everyone. All products from The Meat-Ting Place are top quality export grade. They provide beef, lamb, chicken, and pork.



Organic Produce

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United Organics

United Organics is the proud supplier of our certified organic produce and certified organic eggs. All of the organic produce that is sold under the 'United Organics' banner is certified organic.

Eggs from United Organics have no antibiotics, no yolk colourant and no hormones. Farming the eggs involved no cages or de-beaking of the chickens.






Pureharvest was established in 1979 in Prahran, Victoria. Their first products were bulk whole beans and grains which were distributed to health food stores in Victoria. Within a few years, Pureharvest was one of the largest suppliers of seeds and grains to the bakery trade in Victoria.

Today Pureharvest is one of Australia's largest manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic food with a national distribution network. Pureharvest has also become a leading exporter of organic and natural products.

For more information about Pureharvest visit their website:


Four Leaf

Four Leaf Milling is a family business that was setup in 1968 to process grain from Four Leaf Farms, a 2,500 acre farm in the Tarlee district of South Australia. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fumigants have never been used on the farm.

Four Leaf use innovative stone milling methods coupled with stringent certification and inspection requirements which means that products of the highest quality are produced. The family designed and built the milling equipment used including Sienna granite stones required to meet the rigid specifications for high quality flours. These stone mills ensure the grain is milled at slow speed without excessive heat thus preserving the integrity of the quality and vitamin content of the flour. Flour Leaf's bio dynamic rolled oats, when independently tested, were found to have some of the highest levels of Vitamin E ever encountered.

No genetically modified grains are used in Four Leaf products.

For more information about Four Leaf visit their website:





Montville Coffee


Montville Coffee is small batch roasted for exceptional flavour and aroma using only certified fairtrade organic coffee beans. That's because they're passionate about providing the best taste as well as the highest commitment to community and sustainability.

Montville Coffee is a leader in community development and sustainability. That includes providing training and employment for local youth and funding environmental initiatives. They support Organic Fairtrade coffee growing cooperatives in New Guinea, East Timor, Central America, Africa and Indonesia. It's all part of their commitment to strong communities and a pristine environment, and of course delicious coffee.



Ewingsdale Coffee

Ewingsdale Coffee, 100% Australian owned and grown boutique coffee producer, is located in Ewingsdale near Byron Bay. They hand pick and sun dry their coffee allowing it to mature in its parchment for at least 12 months to achieve maximum flavour. Their coffee is grown without the use of pesticides.

Ewingsdale Coffee began in 1997 when the first trees were planted. The 78 acre Estate currently has 6,000 trees planted and has plan to plant a further 4,000 trees. The varieties grown on the Estate are a selection of Arabica Coffee - Bourbon from the Reunion Islands, Typica from Brazil and Catura originally from Colombia. The coffee is characteristically low in caffeine and has a sweet nutty flavour and mellow aroma.

For more information about Ewingsdale visit their website:





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