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We let you tell us what goes in the box each week!
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We understand that everyone has different tastes, needs and diets. We’re all unique! Which is why at the heart of the custom box concept is the ability for you to pick what you want delivered each week!
Eating healthy also means eating seasonally. So every week we post a list of what’s readily available in Queensland today. When customisation then opens, you’ll be able to log into your account and pick what you need for the week from the list provided. You’ll be eating only the most fresh and raw produce in the state!
Everything you pick is 100% Certified Organic produce! The farms we select are all certifed and have a certification number. We’re HSAP Certified as well, so everything packed into your box can be traced back to the grower. We go to great lengths to assure that you’re getting the best available.
Delivery is free! That means you only pay for the produce. We can do this for you because we have set delivery days for each region we deliver too. You can check with us which day you suburb is assigned too. If you order additional grocery items from our online store after customising your box we’ll deliver those for free with your box!
Our drivers leave the packing warehouse mid-morning. When they arrive on your designated delivery day, they will knock on the door to let you know the box has arrived. If you are not home and have not left us instructions, the driver will put it in a shady spot to keep the produce healthy.
Whether you’re going on a nice holiday away or simply don’t need your box, we understand that you might need to delay an order. That’s no worries at all! You will just have to contact us via phone or email so that we can arrange it for you. 

• Everything is 100% Certified Organic.

• Custom Boxes are an ongoing order weekly or fortnightly.

• No contracts, you can stop and start at any time.

• The season list is updated every Thursday

• Customisation opens at 4pm every Thursday for the following week

• Cut-off for customising is at 4pm, 2 days prior to your delivery day.

• You can’t permanently save customisations as the list changes with availability and the seasons.

• You can save exclusions to ensure you never get certain things you don’t want.

• Delivery is Free!

Price Box Type
$42.50 Small Fruit & Veggie Certified Organic Box
$56.50 Medium Fruit & Veggie Certified Organic Box
$71.50 Large Fruit & Veggie Certified Organic Box
$56.50 Medium Veggie Only Certified Organic Box
$71.50 Large Veggie Only Certified Organic Box
*Price displayed is exclusive of GST