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Christmas Meats Ordering

Please download the meats order form below and send us your order. Be quick to ensure you get what you want. First come, first served!

Download Christmas Meats Order Form

How To Order: Download the form before filling out. Then open the PDF and fill out the order form, click the Send My Order button at the bottom of the form to email it to us. You can save the form and email it yourself at or call us to place an order on 07-3715 5381.

Deposit: Minimum 50% deposit (non-refundable). Balance of payment due on collection. 

Deliveries: If you don’t have an ongoing Custom Box, you must check the day you want your order delivered. Delivery fee is $7.70. If you require an earlier date please speak to our customer service team to arrange something that suits. If you have a Custom Box be sure to check the correct box and we will send it with your delivery day during the final week of 17-21 of December.

Pick Up: We have options to pick up your order from one of our 3 Market Organics store locations. We won’t be delivering on the weekend of 22-23 of December or on Christmas Eve 24 of December. The stores will be open on these days. You need to check your pick up date. Location of the stores are below:

  • Rocklea Market Organics
    385 Sherwood Road
    Rocklea, Qld, 4106
    (07) 3054 5997

  • Clayfield Market Organics
    675 Sandgate Road
    Clayfield, Qld, 4011
    (07) 3862 3563

  • Ipswich Market Organics
    53 Downs Street
    North Ipswich, Qld, 4305
    (07) 3281 3592

Our Full List of Available Nitrate Free Christmas Meats

  • Whole Turkey - $28.95 / Kg
  • Whole Chicken - $19.35 / Kg
  • Bone In Ham - $20.99 / Kg
  • Pork Leg - $19.35 / Kg
  • Boneless Rolled Pork Loin - $30.99 / Kg
  • Whole Duck - $22.50 / Kg
  • Pickled Pork - $19.99 / Kg
  • Turkey Breast - $59.99 / Kg

If you have any questions in regards to our Christmas meats, please feel free to contact us.

These animals are free to grow as mother nature intended, therefore we cannot guarantee exact weights!

*Price displayed is exclusive of GST