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COVID-19 Notices & Updates

Everything you need to know about our service and deliveries as it relates to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will be posted on this page.

As we receive advice from local government and industry about the unfolding situation, we will make sure to keep this page up to date, so you know what is happening at HomeFresh Organics.

For information and updates concerning COVID-19 prevention, please visit
All information provided below was last updated on 23/03/2020.
Is HomeFresh Organics still delivering boxes & groceries?
Yes, we are. All custom boxes and grocery deliveries are still going ahead.
Will supply of fruit & vegetables be affected?
No, not currently. All produce is currently available in custom boxes and to order individually from our online store.
Will product availability be affected?
Due to heightened demand for online deliveries to prevent social contact, product availability may fluctuate over coming weeks. While we will do our best to ensure that we have stock available for customers, we are largely at the mercy of our suppliers. With national spikes in buying behaviour, it has been difficult to source particular items. We ask that you please remain patient with us during this time.
Should I let HomeFresh Organics know if I’m self-isolated or have coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Yes, if we know your condition our drivers will take extra care with your delivery to reduce risk of contamination. Your delivery will be placed at your front door and the driver will knock to let you know it has arrived. Please call (07-3715 5381) or email ( to let us know your status and we’ll update your account delivery notes for our drivers.
What are drivers doing to reduce risks during deliveries?
All drivers will have hand sanitisers in their vans for them to use between deliveries. Drivers will no longer take boxes inside customer's residences to further help reduce risk. All boxes will be placed on your doorstep or preferred location. 
Will delivery times and/or days change?
No, they have not changed. Currently, all deliveries remain on schedule. Some customers might experience marginally later deliveries as we handle an influx of new orders.
What precautions are HomeFresh Organics employees taking?
Due to our HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) we have strict food handling policies already in place. All workers are required to wash hands before handing any produce. All facilities are equipped with wash stations and high-grade soaps and sanitisers. We have a zero-tolerance policy to ensure all employees comply with all hygienic and HACCP procedures.
What are your policies of product returns during this time?
We’re not accepting returns during this time to help reduce risk. We will continue with refunds and credits for damaged and unusable items. We thank you for understanding and want you to know these cautionary measures are temporary.
Will you still take my old boxes for reuse?
Yes, we can still pick up boxes, but they won’t be re-used at this time. Please fold your HomeFresh cardboard boxes and put them in a visible area where our drivers can easily find them.  
Will office hours change in case I want to get in contact?
Not currently. Our operating hours will remain the same; 9:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. You can leave an email or voicemail with us after hours and we’ll get back to you asap.
Are your Market Organics stores and cafés still open?
All stores are currently operating as per normal, however the cafés are only selling take away as of 23/03/2020. All changes will be announced on the Market Organics website and social media.
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