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One of our next big steps forward at HomeFresh Organics will be using videos as a helpful educational tool. We are going in to production on a few in-house instructive videos as well as some fun promotional videos too. Eventually we want to have a nice little library of those videos for you to use, and this will be the page to do that.


Below is a helpful walkthrough guide on how to both order a HomeFresh Custom Box and order extra items through our online store. Hopefully this will help answer a few burning questions about the service and help you get started. If you have any questions remaining please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.


Step 1.

How To Order A Custom Box

If you have not ordered a Custom Box with us then this is a great place to start! In this video we will explain how to register and order you first Custom Box.



Step 2.

How To Customise Your Custom Box

Once you have a regular Custom Box, it’s important to customise your box each week/fortnight so you get everything you need. In this video we will explain how to properly customise your Custom Box.



Step 3.

How To Add Extras To Your Custom Box

Those who have a regular Custom Box can order extra items via our online store and have them delivered free with their Custom Box. In this video we will show you how to do this so you save time and money.



Step 4.

How To Order From Our Online Store

If you don’t have a Custom Box delivery yet but would like to order items from our store, you can do so. This video explains how to use our online store and purchase items with ease.






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"HomeFresh Organics will be using videos as a helpful educational tool"

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