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Cabbage Wombok - Whole
Cabbage Wombok - Whole
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Product Description: The most cabbage shaped of the Chinese green vegetables, the heads of Chinese Cabbage are large and barrel shaped. The tightly packed leaves are crinkly and lighter green than ordinary cabbage leaves.

Uses- Chinese cabbage otherwise known as wong bok, can be finely shredded or torn into bite size pieces to be used in stirfries or chow mien. Add raw to coleslaw and salad. the crisp white stalks can be used like celery. Chinese cabbage leaves can also be steamed lightly and used to wrap a filling, like a spring roll.

Nutrition- Cabbage's anti-carcinogenic glucosinolates are formed by the activity of myrosinase enzymes, which are released when cabbage is sliced or chopped. Cooking denatures the myrosinase enzyme, thus stopping the production of glucosinolates. Research has found that the association between frequently eating cabbage and a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer is only seen with raw and short-cooked cabbage foods (steamed cabbage and sauerkraut), not long-cooked cabbage recipes(hunter's stew, cabbage rolls, pierogi).


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