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Kiwi Fruit (NZ) - Each
Kiwi Fruit (NZ) - Each
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Product Description: Kiwi fruit is the size of a hen's egg, with a thin, fuzzy, brown skin. The flesh is emerald green and juicy  with small black, edible seeds dispersed throughout pulp.

Storage - Firm fruit will ripen naturally at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. To accelerate the ripening process, place the fruit in a brown paper bag with an apple or a banana. or otherwise store in a refrigerator for a short time. Uses- Peel and eat or cut in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Slice onto cakes,ice cream, pvlova, trifles or add to sweet or savory salads for a refreshing tang. Kiwi fruit is an ideal accompaniment to chicken or steak. Great for the kids lunches

Nutrition-Kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C,75mg per100g which is more than double the daily adult requirement (30mg). It is also a good source of potassium and dietary fibre. 175 per 100g. Calcium, Niacin and Pantothenc Acid can also be found in Kiwi fruit.


Ingredients: Kiwifruit


Nutrition Information*: SERVING SIZE: 170g

  Per serving Per 100g
Calories 130kJ 130kJ
Protein 2.0g 2.0g
Fat, Total 1.0g 1.0g
- Saturated 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrate Total 30g 30g
- sugars 13g 13g
Gluten Nil Detected Nil Detected
Sodium 0mg 0mg
*The nutritional value of "Kiwi Fruit" will vary slightly depending on the variety and size


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