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Cold Pressed Raw Milk Made By Cow - 750ml
Cold Pressed Raw Milk Made By Cow - 750ml
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Product Description: Put simply, we’re three Aussies who miss drinking milk like we did when we were growing up. Fetching it from the milking shed with that delicious layer of cream on top. Back then it was pretty much straight from the cow. You could say we’re traditionalists but it’s that nostalgia that’s driven us to find a new, world first method of producing raw milk that is cold pressed, delicious, nutritious and completely safe to drink. The way nature intended.  Without resorting to heat pasteurisation, homogenisation and all the other processes mostmodern milk goes through. We hope you enjoy our milk as much as we do!

Made By Cow Raw Milk is cold pressed to make it safe, whilst retaining as much of milk’s natural, wholesome goodness as possible. In fact tests show our patented cold high pressure method is gentler on milk’s nutrients, which means that you get more of the rich, essential nutrients straight from the cow like vitamins B1, B2, B12, A and potassium. Made by Cow single herd Jersey milk is also naturally low GI and is loaded with plenty of the good stuff like more protein, (to help build and repair muscles and keep you feeling fuller for longer) and more calcium to help develop strong, healthy bones.


Ingredients: Cow Milk


Product of:  Australia


Cold Pressed Raw Milk Made By Cow. Homefresh Organics, Certified organic Online Shopping Made Easy in our Organic Store. Home delivering Organic and other health food products to your door. Also stocking products that are vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free, wheat free, BPA free and many other food intolerance products.

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