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Coconut Kefir Yoghurt Babushka - 500g
Coconut Kefir Yoghurt Babushka - 500g
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Product Description: Latest addition to Babushka's healthier products – Pleasantly fresh and different


Ingredients: Full Cream Milk reconstituted from Milk Powder, Coconut Milk, Inulin (Probiotic fibre), Whey Protein, Erythritol (natural sweetener), Kefir cultures, Probiotic L Acidophilus, L Casei, B Bifidus cultures, Stevia Reb-A (natural sweetener), Natural flavors, Stabiliser (Pectin), Food Acid (Ascorbic – Vitamin C).


Product of: Australia


Coconut Kefir Yoghurt Babushka. Homefresh Organics, Certified organic Online Shopping Made Easy in our Organic Store. Home delivering Organic and other health food products to your door. Also stocking products that are vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free, wheat free, BPA free and many other food intolerance products.

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