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Capsicum Red - Each
Capsicum Red - Each
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Product Description: Capsicums, offered referred to as ‘peppers’, have grown steadily in popularity in Australia. They add flavour and colour to a wide range of dishes, coming in bright green, red, yellow, purple and orange.

Red capsicum is a good source of vitamins A and C.
One cup of red capsicum provides one serve of vegetables.
Serving size: 1 cup, 85 g

Red Capsicum


90.1 kJ

106.0 kJ


1.3 g

1.5 g


0.2 g
0.0 g

0.2 g 
0.0 g


3.0 g 
3.0 g

3.5 g 
3.5 g


1.5 g

1.8 g


1.7 mg

2.0 mg

Vitamin A

182.8 ug (20% RDI*)

215.0 ug (24% RDI)

Vitamin C

129.2 mg (287% RDI)

152.0 mg (338% RDI)

Capsicum, red, raw



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