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HomeFresh Organics Custom Box deliveries are our most popular and sought after service. Not only are the prices amazing but we have real, local, in-house customer service! If you ever have a question about your delivery or the service, just ask us. All Custom Boxes come a quality guarantee and free delivery - which extends to any extra groceries you add to your ongoing Custom Box service. We are driven to help you stay healthy at a reasonable cost.

We offer three box sizes – small, medium and large - as well as Organic and Conventional options.

The contents of our Custom Boxes can be selected by you from a list of available [in season] fruit & veggies each week. We do offer a variety of boxes to suit everyone, such as;

 Organic/Eco Fruit & Vegetable Custom Boxes
 Conventional Fruit & Vegetable Custom Boxes
 Office Fruit Custom Boxes
 Organic/Eco Vegetable Custom Boxes.
 Conventional Vegetable Custom Boxes.
 Conventional Fruit Custom Boxes.
 Juicing Boxes.
 Detox Boxes.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. If you are ready to get started then click here to order your Custom Box. Be sure to check our coupons section for any great deals or voucher codes.


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Office Custom Boxes
We now have office boxes full of fresh fruit ready to eat out of the box.

Weekly List Update
See what fruit & Veggies are going in to this weeks Custom Boxes. 



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